The Rome Program has been designed to offer students increased flexibility in their degree programs.  While the studio selection will be determined by the student’s major discipline, each student may choose two of the seminars for professional elective credit.

The curriculum will be framed around three pedagogic components: traditional design studios, intensive fieldwork in the Italian landscape, and contextualization through on-site seminars.

In 2017, the Rome Program will take place during the fall semester.


S T U D I O   O F F E R I N G S 
Students will be automatically enrolled in a studio according to discipline and level. 



S E M I N A R   O F F E R I N G S 
Seminars are open (and cross-listed) to all enrolled students 

01 // Travel Writing
02 // Modern & Contemporary Rome
03 // Living in Rome syllabus
04 // Italian I
05 // Italian II
06 // History of Italian Design
07 // Historic Preservation
08 // Early Modern Architecture & Interiors
09 // Art and Culture
10 // Human Behavior and Physical Environment
11 // Architectural Design
12 // Architecture of the City

note : syllabi are for the 2014 fall semester, and are subject to change