As part of the Program Fee, students will be housed in fully-furnished apartments in the Prati neighborhood of Rome.  The students will be housed 4-6 per apartment.  All apartments will be fully furnished with wireless internet and a landline.

Weekly Cleaning Service:
Weekly cleaning service will be provided to each apartment but apartments residents are responsible for the general tidiness of their living space. Cleaning service will NOT include dishes, laundry, or trash removal.

Linens and Towels:
Each apartment will be supplied with one set of linens and towels (not including washcloths) per person.

Washing Machines:
Each apartment will be provided with a washing machine (no dryer). European washing machines are “front loading”, i.e., there is no top lid but instead a front door. Because water can spill out and potentially cause damage, these front doors have a special timed lock and will not open when cycles are actively running. DO NOT force your washing machine open.  Loads can take over 2 hours, so plan ahead. Bear in mind the Italian quiet hours laws before starting a load late in the evening…

Electricity and Appliances:
All the apartments in Rome operate with a 3-kilowatt fuse box. Be careful of using appliances simultaneously: (i.e., hair dryer, curling iron, washing machine) especially American appliances as they can easily blow the fuse!! Should this happen, your power will be cut off – turn off any appliances and lights you don’t need and check your fuse box to turn the power back on.

To prevent damage to the electrical system as well as to your own appliances, never overload the electrical outlets with multi-outlet power strips.

The right of a student to live in reasonable privacy takes precedence over the right of his/her roommate to entertain guests in a room/apartment. All visitors are expected to abide by housing rules and regulations. Students are responsible for any activities taking place in their housing that violate Housing Rules and Regulations or University Policy.

Students are obligated to limit the number of visitors to a reasonable number, in compliance with condominium rules and common courtesy. Students are allowed visitors from 8:00am until their condominium’s quiet hours, seven days per week. Overnight guests are prohibited.