Project 1-Final Pin Up

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The Fall 2016 Studio at the University of Arkansas Rome Center (UARC) is subdivided in two phases. The first one is a collaborative workshop between the four Architecture Schools that are present at UARC during the Fall 2016
Semester: University of Arkansas, Auburn University, Philadelphia University, and Louisiana State University.
The goals of Project 1 are the following:
-To offer to the students a first hand exercise within the City of Rome and, by means of an analytical exercise, understanding its larger urban context;
-To research and document some specific and unique urban systems within contemporaryRome;
-To familiarize with other colleagues, coming from different Schools, who will be spending the Fall 2016 Semester at the UARC.1FP01 1FP02 1FP03 1FP04 1FP05 1FP06 1FP07 1FP08 1FP09 1FP10 1FP11 1FP12