Shock and Awe Walk

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Hour One The day begins! Students piled onto a bus to the Trastevere neighborhood and began exploring architecture over 2,000 years old. 











[Students gather around on the bridge crossing the Tigre River]

Hour Two Conquered the 1st hill climb of the day at record setting speed. 














[Students sketching the floor plan of Santa Sabina]


Hour Three Second hill conquered and students travelled from 470 AD through the dark ages to 1100 AD. 




























[Exterior of Santo Stefano]


Hour Four Capitoline hill came next.




























[Students listen to Professor McClure as he discusses the Gothic style in Rome]




Hour Five Lunch break! 




Hour Six Bus ride up the fourth hill and found Bramante’s Tempietto.
















[The view from the top of the Gianicola Hill]



Hour Seven The beginning of the Baroque. 




























[Exterior of Saint Maria della Pace]



Hour Eight Students found the dark paintings of Cavagio.




























[Students right before walking inside]



Hour Nine Students experienced the most shock and awe of the day as 2D paintings became three dimensional




























[Two students looking at the painted ceiling above in the church of St. Ignatius]



Hour Ten St. Agnese
















[Exterior shot from Piazza Novona]


Hour Eleven Last stop St. Peters!
















Hour Twelve 12 hours, 13 buildings and monuments, 14 miles and the day is finally completed.